Tech tantra

A set of secret (and not-so-secret) tools to help your team reach their highest capabilities

Tantra   noun, pronounced= tun-truh 
                philosophy and set of practices that are revealed only by discipline and constant practice.

Do these sound familiar?

  • "We already did this last year! What else can we do ?"


  • "That was not what the client wanted!"


  • "How do we constantly find inspiration? "  

  • "The other teams don't understand what my tech guys say "


  • "Where is the creativity ? Why are we always doing the same thing ?"


  • "This cannot be used by senior citizens. It's highly complex !"

  • "Why didn't we improvise?"

Lack of soft skills is costing teams around the world their health, wealth and time. 

Are you going to let the same happen to you ? 

As a tech leader




Early adopter

Risk-taker and a straight shooter

Passionate and highly competitive.

Investing the smallest amount of time to find the best way to prosper.

Spend time looking for good-ideas that no one else has yet embraced.

You like asking direct questions and those who give direct answers.

is this You?


Is this what you want to achieve ?

prevent loss

Systems to be put in place so that you save on millions

exceed targets

Exceed projected revenue plan and efficiency of mission critical process

superior skills

Equip your team with the best tools and learning

work-life balance

Ensure high morale and never miss out on life

We can help you with

Active listening

increased self worth

observation skills

COnversation skills



acting on feedback

Our brand promise ?

Sessions so interesting,
Nobody ever yawns !

we are ready to share the secret

To know more about the program, do get in touch!

  • No Presentations

  • No Theory

  • No numbers from a random study

  • No Comparisons

  • First-of-its-kind activities

  • Readily implementable actions

  • Nostalgia and WOW moments

  • Introspection and personal learning

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