LEARNING & Development

An immersive learning experience for teams powered by the Indian Artforms

Designed for sales, tech, marketing, communication, R&D teams

Active listening

Develop this life skill which is going to set you apart from

the crowd.

But how?

Through a story based activity!

Specifically through a Rajasthani folk lore- Kaavad Katha.

Can you pick out cues and hints in your client interaction to understand the outcome they want ?

Benefits: Attention | Productivity | Strong Work Relationship


conversation skills

Should we talk to the man, woman, child or their pet dog ?

We miss out on life long business relationships because

we don't find common ground between us and the



Most importantly, how do we transition from a personal

relationship to a business one ?

Benefits: Increases Engagement | Better business partnering | Problem Solving Skills

Creative thinking

Routine is good.

Routine gives results.

But, when done too often, progress gets lost.

(It starts to smell a little bad)

Where is the box?

Benefits: Innovation | Optimistic outlook 

Everyday leadership

Participants will be led through a series of interesting folk

music and songs written by courtesans, queens and

common villagers.

Using the attitude of a world that is forgotten, we use

their tongue-in-cheek narratives to make decisions

keeping in mind all stakeholders.

Voices from the past

Benefits: Management Skills | Increased Self worth | Mentorship | Motivation 

Welcoming change

Enabling butterflies to emerge out of caterpillars

How do we deal with leadership change, organisation

restructure, manage anxiety and not give in to the

ultimate black hole of - "Why is this happening to me ??!"

But, there would be no rules and must-do lists in

this session.

A clown will be there though.

Benefits: Reinforcement of values | Agility 

Give and receive Feedback

We are not the HERO. We are not the VILLAIN.

Curiosity, experiment, respect choices of others, question

assumptions - with the best intentions of the organisation.

“What could I be missing?”

“How will this not work?"

“Even if it’s technically sound, is it understandable enough

for the rest of the organization to operate, troubleshoot,

and extend it?”

Benefits: Reinforcement of values | Agility 

collaboration & teamwork

Are we a group? Or a team ? What's the difference?

Music is that magic that happens between notes?

But, as teams, are we creating music or making noise ?

Teams will be taken through an immersive workshop of

how classical musicians collaborate and make the overall

presentation shine through.

Benefits: Reinforcement of values | Agility 


Strategic skills are necessary at every level of an organisation. 

Right from curating a daily to-do list to rolling out next year's 

revenue goal, strategy is key. 

But, are we at our best in this key skill ?

Benefits: Skills & Talent Identification | Better Planning |

Long term Vision

Which is the best way forward ?

What our sessions look like

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