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‘Ariyaa..?- Pursuit of the heart' is a Bharatanatyam presentation emphasising on Lord Krishna as a concept and not as a particular individual/person. The sixty minute ballet is not derived from mythology but presents the concept of Krishna as a situation we all go through in one or the other aspect of our lives.

The presentation traces the creative story of the young maidens -Madhura and Mohana-their relationship with Krishna and the emotional turmoil it brings all three of them.  


Madhura and Mohana are the best of friends. Mohana is of royal heritage and Madhura belongs to a cowherd’s family in Vrindavan; but best of friends nonetheless.

At a very young age, they are separated from each other but still carry a token of their friendship-an anklet. During this period, Madhura falls irrevocably in love with Krishna, but never expresses herself due to the fear that he might reject her without a thought. She always feels that she is inferior to him and he is unattainable to her.

Years later, the two friends meet again and rejoice. Krishna is instantly smitten by the very beautiful Mohana, who is now the princess of a neighbouring city. She knows nothing of Krishna’s valour or qualities and instantly rejects him. To Madhura, her greatest obstacle now takes the form of her best friend. The story proceeds to reveal what happens in the due course of time.

 REVIEW - Mr Satish Suri

........The development of the storyline by the artists, the choreography and the movement profile captured the mood and sentient feelings with a sense of flair and brimmed with grace. The jathis were woven into the storyline and not executed as individual nritta pieces.

They innovatively introduced a Thillana into the varnam to provide a distinctive flavor of a change of mood of the characters and later to assume the original sthayi bhava, the flow of expression blending seamlessly with the nritta. The evocative expression of Madhura chiding Krishna for not responding to her depth of feelings; the rejection by Mohana of Krishna's advances, each drawing inspiration from the other showcased aesthetic interaction among the artists.......


Duration – 60 minutes

Choreography, Direction and Costumes – Ms Gowri Priya Sethuram

Artistes - Preethi Prasad, Chaitra Rao. Gowri Priya Sethuram

Previous Performances

1.  March 2019 Premier show – ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore ( Ticketed )

2.  July 2019 - Kalamandir, Mysore ( Ticketed )

3.  November 2019 , Bangalore – Presented as a part of 'Vanamali' - a collaboration with Smt Radhika Shetty


Upcoming performances (Dates to be announced)

4.  Townhall, Mangalore

5.  Rajangana, Shri Krishna Matha, Udupi



".........Neat, crisp, narrative, beautiful.... Words fall short to explain how the beautiful production sailed through .....the audience could flow along the storyline experiencing the joy created by these 3 dancers !"

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